This is a trilogy set in the Imperial world of Star Wars. Books 1,2, and 3 are listed on the side bar as PDF, epub and mobi formats. There are also extras. THERE SHALL BE NO STEALING OF THE BOOKS AND REPOSTING THEM FOR DOWNLOAD ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE INTERNET!


Snippet of the Day

-He looked around and then back into my eyes. “If I had found you at an earlier age you would have come to me for training and perhaps even out shined my best pupil. You would have joined the ranks of my best courtesans and Concubines.” he shook his head and smiled. “But now I do not think such a position would suit you and as we have observed you have bonded with another, making it difficult for me to train you personally. While I am certain we could break that tie binding you with my apprentice, it might damage you in the process. You more useful alive to both of us and I enjoy seeing pretty things such as you in my presence. It would be a shame to waste. You are refreshingly different from most of the fools I must suffer daily. It will be interesting to hear what you learn from these old archives. And,” he said in a quiet voice, “I am not as evil as everyone makes me out to be. I enjoy being a patron of the arts and guide to those who need some guidance.”-

DOTE book 1

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